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  Beijing Apartment in CBD   Beijing Apartment in Chaoyangmen Area
  Beijing Apartment in Center Area   Beijing Apartment in Dongzhimen Area
  Beijing Apartment in Chaoyang Park Area   Beijing Apartment in Haidian District 
  Beijing Apartment in Lido To Airport Area   Beijing Apartment in Sanlitun Area
  Beijing Apartment in Lufthansa Area   Beijing Apartment in South Area
  Beijing Apartment in North Area  

Beijing Apartments for Rent - CBD       Click to View a  Map   

Property Name Size (sqm) USD/month Virtual Tour Property Type
Ascott Beijing                     雅诗阁 105-249sqm USD 3,000-6,200   Beijing Apartment
Blue Castle Int'l Apartment  蓝堡 70-252sqm USD 800-2,800 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Central Park                       新城国际 88-465sqm USD 1,300-7,200 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Central Place                      华贸中心 65-206sqm USD 600-2,400 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Cheng Yuan Plaza               成远大厦  101-256sqm USD 1,400-3,584   Beijing Apartment
China World Apartments     国贸公寓 70-534sqm USD 2,500-16,000   Beijing Apartment
Dongfangruijing                  东方瑞景     Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
First City                            金港国际 75-150sqm USD 550-1,300 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Fortune Center                    财富中心 137-375sqm USD 2,500-7,000 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Genertime Int'l Center          通用时代 200-350sqm USD 2,000-4,500 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Global Trade Mansion          世贸国际 73-256sqm USD 900-4,500 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Great Mall                          国第一商城 150-200sqm USD 1,500-2,000 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Goldfield Int'l Garden           金地国际花园     Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Jian Wai Soho                    建外Soho 96-268sqm USD16.30 per sqm Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Jing Guang Centre              京广中心 41-83sqm USD 900-2,100   Beijing Apartment
Kerry Center                      嘉里中心   100-420sqm USD 2,800-6,000   Beijing Apartment
Luxury Apartment               丽舍公寓 50-80sqm USD 800-1,200 Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment

Millennium Palace               嘉华世纪 90-150sqm USD 1,800-3,000   Beijing Apartment
New Town                         现代城 114-300sqm USD 1,000-4,000 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Overseas Chinese Village    华侨村 135-220sqm USD 1,400-1,600   Beijing Apartment
Qijiayuan Residence           齐家园外交公寓 160-250sqm USD 3,000-4,000   Beijing Apartment
Regent Court                      丽晶苑 149-330sqm USD 1,500-4,500   Beijing Apartment
Soho New Tow                现代城 94-266sqm USD 900-2,800 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
St. Regis Beijing                 国际俱乐部 82-136sqm USD 3,600-5,800   Beijing Apartment
Sun Thirsty                        恋日国际 77sqm USD 1,000 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Sunshine 100                     阳光100 48-172sqm USD 850-2,000 Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment

Van Palace                         旺座中心 110-380sqm USD 2,200-7,200   Beijing Apartment
Wanhao Int'l Apartment       万豪国际公寓 68-200sqm USD 600-1,800 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Windsor Avenue                  温莎大道 85-368sqm USD 1,100-5,500 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Yan Hua Garden               燕华苑 110-450sqm USD 900-5,500 Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment



















Apartments in Beijing for Rent 

Beijing Apartments for Rent - Chao Yang Men  Click to View the Map 

Click on Properties for Details Size Monthly Rental Property Type
Asia-Pacific Building  (亚太大厦) 62-180sqm USD 1,300-3,900 Beijing Apartment
Diyang Apartment (迪阳公寓) 108-250sqm USD 850-3,000 Beijing Apartment
Fairview Garden(怡景园) 100-309sqm USD 1,200-4,000 Beijing Apartment
Guangcai International Mansion  (光彩国际) 217/270sqm   Beijing Apartment
Julong Garden   (聚龙花园) 75-350sqm USD 1,100-4,500 Beijing Apartment
Palace Apartment   (京华豪园) 180-225sqm USD 1,600-2,200 Beijing Apartment
YaBao Apartment (雅宝公寓) 90-290sqm USD 800-3,000 Beijing Apartment

Apartments in Beijing for Rent 

Beijing Apartment for Rent - Center

Click on Properties for Details Size Monthly Rental Virtual Tour Property Type
Grace Court  丽华苑 66-111sqm     Beijing Apartment
Henderson Center  恒基中心 85-356sqm USD 1,000-4,500 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Jian Guo Int'l Apartments  建国公寓 74-313sqm USD 1,600-2,000   Beijing Apartment
Jinlong Hot Spring Apartments  金龙温泉公寓 58-120sqm USD 1,000-1,800   Beijing Apartment
Lee Garden   丽苑公寓 97-235sqm USD 1,800-5,800   Beijing Apartment
Oriental Plaza  东方广场 79-202sqm USD 2,000-6,000 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment





Apartments in Beijing for Rent 

Beijing Apartment for Rent- Chaoyang Park Area    Click for the Map 


Click on Properties for Details


Monthly Rental

Virtual Tour

Property Type

Beijing Golf Int'l Apartment   高尔夫公寓




Beijing Apartment

Boya Garden   博雅园


USD 1,200-4,000


Beijing Apartment

Golden Lake Garden    锦湖园




Beijing Apartment

Green Lake  碧湖居


USD 850-900


Beijing Apartment

Kingda Int'l Apartment  京达国际公寓


USD 1,000-2,600


Beijing Apartment

Lakeside Garden  清静明湖


USD 1,100-1,400


Beijing Apartment

Manhattan Garden   京达花园


USD 800-1,200


Beijing Apartment

Palm Springs   棕榈泉国际公寓


USD 1,600-6,000

Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment
Park Apartment   天安豪园


USD 3000-7500

  Beijing Apartment

Park Avenue   公园大道


USD 1,000-3,900

Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment

Parkview Tower   景园大厦


USD 1,300-5,000

Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment

Union Condo   团结公寓 


USD 450-950


Beijing Apartment

Victoria Garden   维多利亚花园




Beijing Apartment

Apartments in Beijing for Rent 

Beijing Apartment for Rent - Dongzhimen Area  Click to View the Map  

Click on Properties for Details Size Monthly Rental Virtual Tour Property Type
East Gate Plaza  东环广场 135-308sqm USD 2,000-7,000 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Embassy House    万国公寓 213-274sqm USD 4,800-13,000   Beijing Apartment
Maga Hall        万国城 127-232sqm USD1,000-3,000   Beijing Apartment
Oriental Kenzo   东方银座 57-162sqm USD 11-15/sqm/mth   Beijing Apartment
Seasons Park     海晟名苑 96-400sqm USD1000-6500 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Suncity          阳光都市 60-400sqm USD 700-2,700 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Yuanjia Int'l Apartment  元嘉国际公寓 53-110sqm USD 600-1,400   Beijing Apartment

Apartments in Beijing for Rent 

Beijing Apartments for Rent -  Lido To Airport Area       

Click on Properties for Details Size Monthly Rental Virtual Tour Property Type
Atlantic Place                           大西洋新城       Beijing Apartment
Beijing Riviera                          香江花园 121-164sqm USD 1,300-3,000 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Capital Paradise                       名都园 69-265sqm USD 800-4,200   Beijing Apartment
Chateau Regency                      和乔丽晶 135-270sqm USD 2,200-5,500 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Flying Home                             飘 Home     Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Fragrance Garden                     芳园公寓 108-208sqm USD 1,200-2,500   Beijing Apartment
Greenland Garden                     嘉林花园 132-150sqm USD 1,300-2,000 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Hairun International Apartment   海润国际公寓 76-249sqm USD 800-2,800 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
King's Garden Apartment           京润水上花园 97-129sqm     Beijing Apartment
Landscape                               风景线 62-150sqm     Beijing Apartment
Legend Garden Apartment         丽京花园 102-159sqm   Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Lido Courts                               丽都公寓 114-325sqm USD 3,000-7,000   Beijing Apartment
Richmond Park                          丽都水岸 69-368sqm USD 800-5500 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Star City                                   星城国际 118-138sqm USD 1,500-1,700   Beijing Apartment
Upper East Side                        阳光上东 89-292sqm USD  700-4,000

Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment

Apartments in Beijing for Rent 

Beijing Apartments for Rent - Lufthansa Area     

Click on Properties for Details Size USD/month Virtual Tour Property Type
Beijing Int'l Friendship Garden 国际友谊花园 184sqm USD 1,500   Beijing Apartment
Bin Du Yuan     宾都苑 122-245sqm USD 900-1,900   Beijing Apartment
Boning Garden    伯宁花园 79.8-151sqm USD 700-1,200   Beijing Apartment
Concordia Plaza    嘉和丽园 84-294sqm USD 800-3,000 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
First Shanghai Centre   第一上海中心 80-336sqm USD 1,200-6,000   Beijing Apartment
Golden Land Building   高谰大厦 60-170sqm USD 700-1,500   Beijing Apartment
Guo Zhan Garden   国展花园 108-264sqm     Beijing Apartment
International Harbor   国际港 66-145sqm USD 600-1,100   Beijing Apartment
Kempinski Hotel    凯宾斯基饭店 50-154sqm USD 1,900-5,800   Beijing Apartment
Landmark Towers    亮马大厦 42-150sqm USD 1,300-4,000   Beijing Apartment
Landmark Palace   亮马名居 143-340sqm USD 1,200-4,800 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Li Hong Garden   力鸿花园 60-217sqm USD 400-2500   Beijing Apartment
Ocean Express   远洋新干线 85-182sqm USD 1000-3500   Beijing Apartment
Phoenix Town    凤凰城 106-260sqm USD 800-3,000 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
SanQuan Apartment    三全公寓 112-172sqm USD 1,800-2,300   Beijing Apartment
Somerset Fortune    福景园 179-540sqm USD 3,300-7,000   Beijing Apartment
UHN Int'l Village    UHN 国际村 44 -166sqm USD 500-1, 300 Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment

Apartments in Beijing for Rent 

Beijing Apartments for Rent - Sanlitun Area  

Click on Properties for Details Size Monthly Rental

Virtual Tour

Property Type
Capital Mansion                 京城大厦 109-265sqm USD 2,500-6,000   Beijing Apartment
Estoril Court                      爱德苑 153-158sqm USD 1,400-1,600   Beijing Apartment
Gloria Garden / Just Make  锦秀园/杰座 188-220sqm USD 1,200-1,500

Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment
Guangcai Int'l Mansion       光彩国际公寓 218 -270sqm USD 3,000-4,500

Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment
Kang Bao Land of Fortune   康堡 130-350sqm USD 1,300-4,800   Beijing Apartment
Lianbao Garden                 联宝花园 174-227sqm USD 1,000-2,000   Beijing Apartment
One World Apartment        世芳豪庭 125-297sqm USD 1,000-4,000   Beijing Apartment
Pacific Century Place          盈科中心 75-304sqm USD 1,500-5,200

Virtual Tour

Beijing Apartment

Apartments in Beijing for Rent 

Northern Area - Asian Games Village - Olympic Center

Property Name Size(sqm) USD/month Virtual Tour Property Type
Asian Games Garden  亚运花园 106-193 USD 750-1,100   Beijing Apartment
Chateau Glory  荣尊堡 102-231 USD 1,500-3,700 Virtual Tour Beijing Apartment
Da Yin  大隐 62-156     Beijing Apartment
Huiyuan Int'l Apartment 汇园国际公寓 55-195 USD 785-2,600   Beijing Apartment
Jingyou Apartment   京友国际公寓 109-217 USD 900-1,800   Beijing Apartment
Purple Jade Apartment   紫玉山庄 137-195 USD 2,200-3,000   Beijing Apartment
Roman Garden  罗马花园 140-160 USD 724-1,066   Beijing Apartment
Sunshine Plaza  阳光广场 109-280 USD 800-2,100   Beijing Apartment

Apartments in Beijing for Rent 

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